Fall 2020 ends November 14, 2020 & Winter 2020 runs November 23 – February 20, 2021!

Tiny Tumbler Gym is gymnastic instruction at the most basic level.  Our mission is to provide a creative, safe, and positive learning environment to help young children develop confidence, self-awareness, and self-esteem through gymnastics instruction.

Parent Tot Icon
Parent Tot
Ages (2-3)

Parent Tot classes are held with a parent in the class with your child. We instruct the parent on how best to spot and help your young child through basic moves to increase their flexibility, strength, coordination, and confidence.

Available Class Sessions:
Monday @ 5:00PM
Tuesday @ 12:00PM
Tuesday @ 5:30PM
Wednesday @ 5:30PM
Thursday @ 5:00PM

Teddy Bear Icon
Teddy Bear
Ages (3-4)

Teddy Bear classes are for children that are confident enough to work with the instructor without their parents assistance. Your child will be exposed to all four events: bars, beam, floor, and vault.

Available Class Sessions:
Monday @ 4:30PM
Monday @ 6:00PM
Tuesday @ 11:00AM
Tuesday @ 5:00PM
Tuesday @ 6:30PM
Wednesday @ 5:00PM
Wednesday @ 6:30PM
Thursday @ 4:30PM
Thursday @ 6:00PM

Beginner GymnasticsAges (4-6)
Beginner Gymnastics
Ages (4-6)

Beginner Gymnastic classes are designed to further your child’s abilities on the four major events: bars, beam, floor, and vault. Your child will learn skills that they can practice at home and perfect in our gym.  

Available Class Sessions:
Monday @ 4:00PM
Monday @ 5:30PM
Tuesday @ 4:30PM
Tuesday @ 6:00PM
Wednesday @ 4:30PM
Wednesday @ 6:00PM
Thursday @ 12:00PM
Thursday @ 4:00PM
Thursday @ 5:30PM